Founded in 1978, Wrightson Wood is a prestigious boutique executive search and resourcing  consultancy, focused on the financial and consumer services sectors and operating across developed and emerging markets.

We believe that experience, trust, flexibility, focus and speed of execution are critical to the success of a long-term client relationship.

We pride ourselves on being a privately-owned specialist firm with a depth of knowledge in the retail finance, consumer services and payments industries with significant experience in these and the complimentary sectors including FMCG, loyalty, retail, travel, insurance, retail banking, commercial banking and wealth management.  Our focus allows us to stay on top of industry trends, understand the complete value chain, and develop a comprehensive knowledge of the players.

We are industry specialists and functional generalists.  We do, however, bring significant expertise to general management, strategy, risk, marketing, business development, operations, human resources, and non-executive director roles. 

Based in London and Bristol, Wrightson Wood operates across Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific and has global research capabilities.


Wrightson Wood

33 Cavendish Square
T: +44 20 7182 4022

10 Victoria St
T: +44 20 7182 4022



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